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Kahit Ayaw Mo Na (This Band) - Fingerstyle Cover

Here is my fingerstyle guitar cover of the song by This Band entitled Kahit Ayaw Mo Na.  The arrangement is using capo on the 5th fret and started at A-chord.  The guitar used in the video was Epiphone AJ-220S acosutic guitar.

Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar Review and Demo Strung with Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings

Here is my demo and review of Epiphone AJ-220S Natural acoustic guitar.  It was restrung with Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension strings Mid Tension.  I installed String Butler on this guitar for better tuning.  Check out the video.  The sound of this guitar is amazing and comparable to a more higher priced guitars..

String Butler Installation Demo

In this video, I showed how I installed String Butler on Epiphone acoustic guitar.  At the same time, I did guitar restringing.  This is easy to install.  It is not necessary to re-string the guitar to install this String Butler.

String Butler V1 V2 V3 Comparison

A lot of people are asking what are the differences of various String Butler models.  So I decided to make a short video highlighting the similarities and differences between the first String Butler, V2 and V3 (Version 2 and 3).  There is also V4 as of the time this page is written.  Checkout the video to learn more.

KNA UP-1 (Kremona) Acoustic Guitar Pickup Unboxing Demo Review

My review of another acoustic guitar pickup.  This one is KNA UP-1 piezo-electric acoustic guitar pickup.  This pickup is passive thus it does not need any battery.  It is just being attached to the guitar top using a double adhesive tape or blu-tack.  Please see my video to hear the sound produced on the passive guitar pickup.

Will I Ever Survive (Introvoys) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is my last video for year 2018 or my first video for year 2019.  This is fingerstyle guitar cover of the song by Introvoys entitled "Will I Ever Survive".  The guitar I used in the video was Walden Concorda CD640SH acoustic guitar.  Check it out.  If you like this one, please subscribe and support my YouTube Channel  Thanks.

Taylor GS mini vs Cort AF510 OP Acoustic Guitars Comparison

Here is another guitar comparison video.  In this video I compared and demoed Taylor GS Mini and Cort AF510 OP acoustic guitars.  These guitars are both great travel guitars for being small bodied. Check out my video to hear the sound of both guitars.