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Love Me For What I Am (Carpenters) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover with SLOW Demo

As requested, here is my fingerstyle guitar cover and slow demo of the song by Carpenters entitled Love Me For What I Am.  In this video I played first the song at normal speed.  Then, I played the song at slow demo using mostly one finger for plucking in order to show which strings were being plucked.  Checkout the video and please give me thumbs up if you like it.  I hope that some beginner on fingerstyle guitar can learn a little bit from this this video.

Ocean Deep (Cliff Richard) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is my simple arrangement of the song by Cliff Richard entitled Ocean Deep.  I used used the C-key for this fingerstyle guitar arrangement.  This is a theme song (sung by Juris) of the recent Philippine romantic comedy entitled Last Fool Show starring Arci Munoz and JM de Guzman.

The guitar I used in this fingerstyle guitar cover was Benavides Souther Heritage acoustic guitar.  Thanks for watching and don't forget to give me thumbs up if you like it.

How Deep Is Your Love (The Bee Gees) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

I played this time the classic song of The Bee Gees entitled How Deep Is Your Love.  I arranged the song in G chord with capo on the 2nd fret.  The guitar I used in this video was Benavides acoustic guitar, Southern Heritage model.  The guitar was strung with John Pearse Phosphor Bronze light gauge strings.  The capo used was G7th Performance 2.  Thanks for watching and please give the video thumbs up if you like it.

Dunlop 65 String Cleaner and Conditioner Test on Old Guitar Strings

This is the second time I showed using this Dunlop 65 String Cleaner and Conditioner.  But this time, I tried it on a very dull set of strings on Takamine EG340C acoustic electric guitar.  Hear for yourself the difference in guitar sound before and after cleaning the strings.  Although, the tone is not comparable to a brand new strings, I can hear a reasonable improvement in the sound of the guitar.

Takamine EG340SC Acoustic Electric Guitar Review and Demo

This is another Takamine acoustic electric guitar that I played and reviewed in YouTube.  The model is EG340SC acoustic electric guitar.  This is a part of G-series model.  It has TP-4T Preamp with built-in tuner.  I played the guitar and recorded using external microphone as well as recorded using electronics output from the guitar.  Checkout the tone between these two recordings. Thanks.

The strings I used on this guitar was Straight Up Strings by Siminoff Phosphor Bronze medium gauge set.

I'll Never Love Again (Lady Gaga) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My simple fingerstyle guitar rendition of the song from the movie A Star is Born.  This song is entitled I'll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga.  I used capo on the 7th fret and chords starts in C shape.  Watch my video and if you like it please give me thumbs up in YouTube and subscribe. Thanks.

Open Arms (Journey) SLOW DEMO Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

As promised, here is my slow demo version cover of the song Open Arms by Journey.  I played the song by part with normal tempo then slow tempo afterwards.  I hope this helps others to learn how to play this song.  Thanks.