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True Colors (Cindy Lauper) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Edwin-E

This is my arrangement for fingerstyle guitar of the song by Cindy Lauper entitled True Colors.  I used capo on the 5th fret and used Am as the main chord.  The guitar I used in this video was Taylor 214ce and recorded the audio using Taylor electronics output and Zoom Q8 XY mic.  Then it was connected to Zoom Q8 video camera mic input.  Checkout my video. Don't forget to Like, subscribe and hit notiricaiton bell in my YouTube video. Thanks.

G7th Performance 3 Capo Review & Demo (with ART or Adaptive Radius Technology)

This is another G7th Capo that I want to show you and make a demo.  This time the model is Performance 3.  It is almost similar to the previous version that I have shown in my channel which the G7th Performance 2.  The main difference that I noticed was that this model employs the ART or Adaptive Radius Technology.  This design enables the capo to adapt to any fingerboard radius thereby eliminating the problem on fret buzz.  Checkout my video for more details and explanations.

Guitar F Chord Lesson - Variations on Fret Board by Edwin-E

Here is another part of my guitar chords lesson.  This time it is about F chord or F Major chord.  Just like my previous guitar chords lesson, I showed initially the most common F Major chords that most guitarists know. And then, I showed variations of F chord along the fret board including chord chart.  Check it out.

Lag Tramontane 4S100D Acoustic Guitar Review and Demo

Another LAG acoustic guitar review. Thit time it is a Lag Tramontane 4S100D acoustic guitar.  This one belongs to 4 Seasons series.  It has loud volume and long sustain as well as clear tone with emphasis on bass.  The body shape is dreadnought with satin or matte finish.  Checkout the video to hear the sound of this guitar.

Visit my LAG Tramontane 4S100D Gallery to see photos of this nice looking guitar.

Ikaw at Ako (Moira & Jason) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover - New Easy Arrangement

I decided to make a new arrangement of Ikaw at Ako by Moira dela Torre and Jason.  Unlike my previous fingerstyle arrangement, this new one does not include a barre chord so it will be easier of beginners to play this song.  This is just a fingerstyle guitar cover of the song and I may do another video with slow demo.  Check it out.

Guitar E Chord Lesson - Variations on Fret Board by Edwin-E

This is part of my series of guitar chords lesson.  This time I showed variations of E Major or E Chord.  I included some illustrations in the video so that it will be easier to follow which strings and on which frets to be played.

If I Sing You A Love Song SLOW Demo Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

As requested, I made a slow demo version of my fingerstyle arrangement of the song If I Sing You A Love Song by Bonnie Tyler.  I used exactly the chords and fingerstyle routin. I just made it slow and as much as possible showed the strings that were plucked and used. I hope that you were able to follow on this video. Thanks for watching.