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You're All I want for Christmas (Rico J. Puno) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Another Christmas song fingerstyle cover.  Here is the song by Bing Crosby entitled You're All I Want for Christmas.  This song was also popularized by Rico J. Puno in the Philippines.  The guitar used in this video was Taylor 110e acoustic electric guitar.  This video together with audio were recorded using Zoom Q8 video camera.

Ashton D25CEQ TSB Acoustic Electric Guitar Demo Review - Test with Line 6 Spider V Amp

My demo of Ashton D25CEQ TSB acoustic electrical guitar.  I played the guitar unplugged and plugged in Line 6 Spider V 20 Amplifier.  This guitar was restrung by D'Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze custom light gauge strings set.

Till My Heartaches End (Ella Mae Saison) SLOW DEMO Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

As promised, here is my SLOW DEMO of the song by Ella Mai Saison entitled Till My Heartaches End.  Checkout my previous upload for the normal speed fingerstyle cover of this song.  The guitar I used in this video was Walden CD640HS acoustic guitar.

White Christmas (Bing Crosby) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover on Taylor GS Mini

Fingerstyle guitar cover of the song White Christmas by Bing Crosby.  This cover was recorded using Taylor GS Mini Mahogany acoustic guitar. Check out the video.

Paige Clik Capo Review and Demo

Here is another demo of another Paige Capo.  This is a Clik model.  I showed in this video the difference between Clik and The Original models.  I also did some test on my LAG acoustic guitar.  Watch the video for more details.

Lupa (Rico Puno) Fingerstyle Cover on Walden CD640HS Acoustic Guitar

This is a cover of the song by Rico J. Puno entitled Lupa.  The guitar used in the video was Walden Concorda CD640HS acoustic guitar.  It was restrung with Elixir Polyweb strings.  Thalia Capo was used on the 2nd fret.  Check out the video.

Paige Capo The Original for 6 String Acoustic Guitar Review Demo

Here is my demo review of Paige guitar capo.  This model is The Original.  This is a unique designed capo made in USA.  It is so comfortable to use due to its thin design.  With this capo, you can control the pressure on your strings and not over tight as compared to other spring loaded capos.  Checkout the video.