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If I Sing You A Love Song SLOW Demo Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

As requested, I made a slow demo version of my fingerstyle arrangement of the song If I Sing You A Love Song by Bonnie Tyler.  I used exactly the chords and fingerstyle routin. I just made it slow and as much as possible showed the strings that were plucked and used. I hope that you were able to follow on this video. Thanks for watching.

Guitar Chord Lesson: D Major - Various Positions on Fret Board

Here is my second video on my series of guitar chord lesson. This time I showed the D major or D chord. I also showed the different variation of playing D major chord along the fret board.  This includes a simple chord chart so that the finger positions can be easily followed.  Check it out.

Guitar Tip: How to avoid breaking strings while tuning the guitar

Here is my simple tip on how to avoid breaking strings when tuning a guitar.  Even brand new strings will break if installation is not done properly.  Most cases of string breaks is caused by the string being stuck on the nut slot.  This will cause extreme amount of string tension between post and nut until the string breaks.  Checkout the video to avoid this from happening.

Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

This is a great sounding Cort guitar.  It has a lot of chips and scratches but the playability is excellent.  I replaced the broken saddle with a new one and restrung the guitar with Elixir strings.  This is an older version of Cort AD810 as seen on the headstock.  The headstock only has Cort logo without any symbol like diamond as can be seen on present day Cort acoustic guitars.

Guitar Chord Lesson: C Major - Various Positions on Fret Board

In this video, I showed how to play the C-major chord on various position on the fret board.  This is quite useful, specially on arranging fingerstyle songs.  I also included in the video some chord chart for C Major chord.  Check it out.

If I Sing You A Love Song (Bonnie Tyler) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is another fingerstyle cover that I arranged.  This song is entitled If I Sing You Love Song by Bonnie Tyler.  This is just a short version of the song.  This is quite relaxing and nice to listen to.  Click the image to watch the video in YouTube.

Taylor ES1 vs KNA SG-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup Comparison

This is just my experiment on acoustic guitar pickups.  I installed a KNA SG-1 piezo pickup on my Taylor 214ce.  This Taylor guitar is has a built-in ES1 pickup.  The latest generation this guitars have ES2 or Expression System 2.  I then recorded both outputs of these pickup on Zoom Q8 mic inputs.  Checkout the video and hear the results of this comparison.