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Be My Lady (Martin Nievera) Slow Version Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is now the slow demo version of the song Be My Lady by Martin Nievera.  This song was composed by Vehnee Saturno and first sung by Pedrito Montaire.

If you would like to get a copy of guitar tabs, please click the Download Button below:

Be My Lady (Martin Nievera) Fingestyle Guitar Cover

My fingerstyle solo guitar cover of the song by Martin Nievera entitled Be My Lady.  This song was written by Vehnee Saturno and first sung by Pedrito Montaire.   Matt Moro  also covered this song.  Recently, this was sung by Jason Dy as OST of Be My Lady teleserye.

Guitar Used:  Guild Arcos AO3-CE

I also used a Neewer 700 condenser microphone together with Behringer UMC22 plus guitar output in recording the audio.

Love Yourself (Justin Bieber) Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial Cover

As many requested, I now made a fingerstyle guitar tutorial of the song by Justin Bieber entitled "Love Yourself".  In this guitar tutorial, I removed the capo on the 2nd fret to make the guitar lesson easier to understand.

Click the link below to see the guitar tabs with chords and lyrics
Love Yourself - Tabs

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

One of the most requested song, Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.  This song was co-written by Ed Sheeran.  This song is in the key of E, so for this cover, I played the song with D-major with capo on the 2nd fret.

I have also written guitar tablature for this song so that it will be easier to learn how to play it.

Click the link below to see the tabs with chords and lyrics:
Love Yourself - Tabs

You Are My Song (Regine Velasquez) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My fingerstyle solo cover of the song "You Are My Song". This was popularized by Regine Velasquez and other singers, such as Martin Nieverra, Erik Santos, as well as American Idol, David Archuleta.

I have prepared guitar tabs so that you can also learn how to play it.  Click the Download button below to have a copy of the tabs.