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Perfect by Ed Sheeran - Martin OM-28E Retro Guitar Demo

Happy New Year to everyone.  This is my very first video for all of you for the start of 2018, Perfect by Ed Sheeran played on Martin OM-28E Retro Orchestra acoustic electric guitar.  This audio was recorded using iRig acoustic microphone connected to my Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.  No editing was made on both video and audio.  Thanks for watching!

Muli (Rodel Naval) Fingeratyle Guitar Cover

Another cover before the New Year 2018. This video was taken when we had a holiday in Rotorua, New Zealand.  The song I played here was Muli by Rodel Naval.  This was taken using my Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone with iRig acoustic guitar mic connected directly to my phone.  I hope you like it.

Time After Time (Cindy Lauper) Guitar Cover on S Yairi YM-02 CS Mini Acoustic Guitar

My guitar demo review of S Yairi mini guitar YM-02 CS.  I played the song Time After Time by Cindy Lauper on this video.  This guitar is very small.  I compared the size of this one to a standard dreadnough size in this video.  Thanks.

Winter Wonderland Fingerstyle Cover

My fingerstyle guitar solo cover of the song Winter Wonderland.  Have a Merry Christmas everybody.

Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley) Cover feat Sony Moor

My collaboration video with Sony Moor singing the Elvis Presley song Can't Help Falling In Love.

Pasko Na Sinta Ko (Gary V) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is my Christamas fingerstyle guitar cover for all of you, Pasko Na Sinta Ko by Gary Valenciano.  Check it out. Thanks.

S Yairi YF-30 Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

My demo review of S Yairi YF-30 BK.  I upgraded this guitar with bone saddle for better tone and sustain, although, with original plastic saddle, the guitar tone was quite good as well.  I restrung with Martin 80/20 M175 acoustic guitar strings set.

Audio Technica ATR2100 + Saramonic Smart Rig Demo Review

My demo using Audio Technica AT2100 dynamic microphone connected to Saramonic SmartRig audio interface and recorded directly to my smarthphone.  The Saramonic SmartRig is powered by 9 Volts battery as seen on the video.

Saramonic SmartRig Audio Interface Unboxing

Another unboxing video that I made.  Here is the Saramonic SmartRig audio interface.  This device connects the professional microphone into the Smartphone or Tablet.  This is powered by 9Volts battery.  This can be used for dynamic microphone as well as condenser microphone as it has option for 48V phantom power with condenser microphone requires.

Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Microphone Unboxing

Unboxing of my new dynamic microphone.  This is Audio Technica ATR2100-USB.  This microphone has both USB and XLR connector options.  So it can be connected to the PC directly via USB port or connect via audio interface or mixer via XLR cable.