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Enya EA-X1 | Forevermore (Juris/Side A) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

I reuploaded this video in YouTube as my previous uploaded video was accidentally deleted.  This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of the song Forevermore by Side A.  This rendition is a bit more of Juris version.  The guitar I used was Enya EA-X1 acoustic guitar and being recorded using iRig acoustic guitar microphone.

Beauty and Madness (Fra Lippo Lippi) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My short and simple rendition of the song by Fra Lippo Lippi "Beauty and Madness".  Check it out.

Tagpuan (Moira Dela Torre) SLOW Demo Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Here is my slow demo version of fingerstyle cover of the song Tagpuan by Moira dela Torre. I hope this will help others who want to learn to play this song. Check it out.

Tagpuan (Moira Dela Torre) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My fingerstyle rendition cover of the song Tagpuan by Moira Dela Torre.  Capo is used on 1st fret to match the original key of the song.  Check it out.