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Elixir vs Cleartone Strings Comparison on Taylor 110e Acoustic Guitar

I got a new set of strings and can't wait to try it on my Taylor 110e guitar. But before that, I played the guitar first fitted with Elixir Polyweb strings to compare the difference in the tone.  The strings were not yet old and seems still the same tone as when I installed it.  After restringing with Cleartone treated strings this Taylor 110e acoustic guitar I played it again.  Please watch my video and check out the difference in the tone and be the judge.

Although this is not conclusive comparison between two brands as I used different type of strings and gauges, I enjoyed the test. The Elixir was gauge 12's  with 80/20 Bronze material while Cleartone treated strings was gauge 11's with Phosphor Bronze.

I hope next time I can demo and make comparison video of exactly the same gauges and materials for these two great brands, Elixir and Cleartone strings.

Fender DG-10CE Acoustic Guitar Review / Demo - Bizarre Love Triangle Fingerstyle Cover

This is my video demo of Fender acoustic electric guitar.  The model is DG-10CE.  It has under-saddle passive pickup with volume and tone control on the side.  It has spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard.  I restrung this Fender DG-10CE with D'Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze custom light gauge strings.  I played the song of New Order entitled Bizarre Love Triangle.  I played both acoustic only and using electronics pickup to show the difference of the tone.

Ikaw (Sharon Cuneta) Acoustic Cover ft. Candy

This is another collaboration video.  We made a cover of the song Ikaw by Sharon Cuneta.  The singer joined my in this video is Candy of Hype Band.

The guitar I used in this video was Seagull S6 Cedar Slim recorded with iRig acoustic guitar microphone.

Taylor Acoustic Guitar Neck Reset DIY

I tried to do a neck reset on my Taylor 214ce acoustic electric guitar.  I was able to get some shims from Taylor Guitars USA.  Thanks to Taylor for sending me these shims.  Taylor recommends that the guitar be brought to Taylor authorized repair center when doing guitar repairs such as this.  But, I took the risk on fixing my own guitar because I love working on guitars.

It was a great success.  I was able to correct the neck angle of my guitar.  Now the guitar action or string height is correct with proper saddle height for better string break angle.
Check out the video. Thanks.

Giveaway Promo on Capos and Guitar Strings by Edwin-E

Time for me to run another give away promo as I way of saying thanks for my YouTube channel EdwinEGuitar reaching 33k+ Susbcribers.  I will be giving away 3 Donner Capos and 2 Martin acoustic guitar strings set.

To join the promo please follow this link:

Ashton D20 Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

My review or demo of Ashton D20 acoustic guitar.  This model is a lower end model compared to D25 Ashton.  The guitar that I showed in the video has the newer headstock design and they are using saddle which is like a Nubone by Graphtech.  Unlike on old models the saddles and nuts are plastic.  I restrung the guitar with D'Addario EJ26 phosphor bronze custom light gauge.

Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw - SLOW DEMO - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover (December Avenue ft Moira dela Torre)

After uploading my fingerstyle cover of the song Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw by December Avenue ft. Moira dela Torre. A lot of young guitarist requested me to do a slow demo cover in order for them to easily learn to play that song.  So, as requested, I made another video of the cover at slow speed to see which strings that I plucked and pressed.  It shows clear indications of chords used.  Check out the video.

Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw (December Avenue ft Moira) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of the song "Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw" by December Avenue feat. Moira dela Torre.  This song is in the key of E and I used capo on the 4th fret while using C-shape key to maintain at original key of E.  This video was recorded using Zoom Q8 video camera and some portion with Panasonic camcorder.  The audio was recorded on Zoom Q8 mic and Taylor electronics input on Q8.  The guitar used in the video was Taylor 110e.

KNA AP-2 Acoustic Guitar Pickup Demo Review - If by Taeyeon Fingerstyle Cover

Another guitar pickup demo that I uploaded inYouTube.  The guitar pickup I used here was KNA AP-2.  This pickup came from  Checkout their website.  I connected the KNA pickup to my Zoom Q8 video camera.

On The Wings of Love Cover on Yamaha FG-202D Acoustic Guitar Demo

I played On The Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osborne on this Yamaha FG-202D acoustic guitar demo review.  The guitar was restrung with D'Addario EJ26 Phophor Bronze custom light gauge strings set.  The video and audio was recorded using Zoom Q8 video camera.