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"My Valentine" by Martina McBride Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial Cover

I received a couple of requests to make a fingerstyle tutorial of the song by Martina McBride, "My Valentine".  And now, I finished the guitar tutorial and here is the video of it.  Please feel free to watch the YouTube video.  I included some guitar TABs within the video so that it will be easier to understand to lesson.

You may also download my free guitar tablature by clicking the Download button below.

Guitar Tutorial: Forevermore by Side A - Guitar Chords

Guitar chords tutorial for the song "Forevermore" by Side A.  Sorry for my humming. :)

If you want a copy of the guitar tab with chords and lyrics, just click on the download button below:

John Pearse Pure Nickel Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings

A short guitar demo using 1 day old John Pearse Nickel Wound acoustic guitar strings with the tune of Hotel California by The Eagles. Check it out!

"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

Here is a video of a fingerstyle guitar tutorial of the classic hit song by Eric Clapton, "Wonderful Tonight".  Check it out!  I also prepared guitar tablature for this song.

Click the link below to see the guitar tabs:
Wonderful Tonight - Tabs

Amazing Grace Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Just a short guitar fingerstyle solo rendition of the famous and well known song all over the world "Amazing Grace".  This guitar cover was made in the Key of "E" using Seagull S6 Original acoustic guitar.

Seagull S6 Original Picture Gallery.

Ikaw by Yeng Constantino Guitar Strumming with Chords and Lyrics

A simple guitar strumming of the song "Ikaw" by Yeng Constantino.  Guitar chords and lyrics were included in the video and the timing and key are based on original recording of Yeng.

Gutiar Lesson for Beginners: How to Use Guitar Pick

A simple video demonstration on how to use guitar picks.  I used flat pick and thumb pick for this guitar lesson.

"Ikaw Pa Rin" by Ted Ito (Saigono Iiwake) Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

Fingestyle guitar tutorial of the song "Ikaw Pa Rin" by Ted Ito.  This song has Japanese version entitled Saigono Iiwake.  Please check out the video. Thanks.

Guitar Lesson for Beginners: Guitar Strumming

Here is my simple tip on guitar strumming for beginners.  I showed here basic strumming patterns and right hand movement.

"My Love Will See You Through" by Marco Sison - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Another OPM (Original Pilipino Music), My Love Will See You Through by Marco Sison in this fingerstyle guitar solo cover.  Please check it out. Thanks for watching.

"Pasensya Ka Na" by Silent Sanctuary Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

Here is the fingerstyle guitar tutorial of the song "Pasensya Ka Na" by the band Silent Sanctuary.  I used the same chords as my previous guitar strumming video of the same song.  I used a capo on the 2nd fret to match the pitch of the original song.  All the chords as written in my TAB is referenced to 2nd Fret at 0.  Guitar tablature with chords and lyrics is available for download.  Just click the Download button below.

"Pasensya Ka Na" by Silent Sanctuary Guitar Chords and Lyrics

I played the strumming of the song "Pasensya Ka Na" by Silent Sanctuary.  The video includes the guitar chords and lyrics so the song will be easy to follow.  Guitar tab for fingerstyle playing with chords and lyrics is available for download.  Just click the Download button below.

Aria AD 18 Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

Another guitar review, Aria AD-18 BLS acoustic guitar.  This is a great sounding acoustic guitar with loud volume.  It has balance tone.  The finish is glossy.  It has nice blue shade color and can still see the wood grain.  The guitar has spruce top and mahogany back and sides.  It has rosewood fingerboard and bridge.  This guitar has standard chrome closed gear tuner.  Guitar action was initially too high for me (around 3.5mm) , thus I shaved the bottom of the saddle by about 1.5 mm. to lower the string height.  Please watch the video and listen to the tone of the guitar.  I played strumming and fingerpicking on this video.

Guitar Lesson for Beginners: String Names

Another guitar lesson for beginners.  This time I described the string names of each guitar strings as well as described various string set gauges.

Guitar Lesson for Beginners: Parts of Acoustic Guitar

In this video I showed the various parts of an acoustic guitar.  I also mentioned the differences between slotted and solid type headstock.   Samples of bridge pins were also shown in the video as well as guitar saddle that is out of guitar.  I used three guitars for this demo, Seagull S6 original, Cort acoustic-electric guitar, and Cordoba classic guitar.

The parts of the guitar that I showed in the video:
Body - top, sides, back, bridge, bridge pins, saddle, sound hole, binding, pick guard
Neck - fret board or finger board, frets, position markers, strings
Headstock - machine heads or tuners, nut