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Yamaha FG151B Vintage Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

A short demo/review of a Vintage Yamaha acoustic guitar model FG-151B.  This guitar was made by Nippon Gakki Co Ltd. in Japan in the late '70s.  It has "orange label" attached inside the body.  The sound is quite wonderful on this guitar.  This is well maintained guitar as it has very little or negligible wear on it.  I replaced the saddle with bone saddle since the old one was shaved too low by the previous owner.  It is dreadnought shape with Ezo pine top and Mahogany back and sides, Nato neck, Rosewood fingerboard. The machine heads are also original with Yamaha Japan written on the cover.  Please check out my video to hear the sound of this guitar.

Picture gallery of this  Yamaha FG-151B Acoustic Guitar.

Torete by Moonstar 88 - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial Cover

Here is another OPM guitar tutorial, "Torete" by Moonstar88.  I used capo on the 2nd fret and played with C-key instead of D-key without capo to make the fingerstyle more simple.  The guitar I used in this video was Samick SW215E.  If you would like to get a copy of the guitar tab, just click the download button below:

Samick SW215E Acoustic Electric Guitar Demo/Review

A short video demo of Samick SW215E Acoustic Electric guitar.  It has Select Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides.  It has vintage open gear tuner.  This guitar is Made in Korea.  It has built-in passive pickup with volume and tone control.  I hape upgraded this guitar with bone saddle for better tone.  Currently strung with Godin Phosphor Bronze Light streings.  Please watch the video to hear the sound demo. Thanks.

Please click this Samick SW215E Picture Gallery.

Guitar Nut Height Adjustment on Acoustic Guitar

In this video, I lowered the nut height or the string height on the first fret of my acoustic guitar.  There are two ways to lower the string height on the 1st fret; 1. File the slots of the nut, 2. Shave the bottom of the nut.  I did procedure number 2 in this video.  Shaving the bottom will lower all slots at the same time but, make sure that all the slots are in good condition and with proper depth with respect to other slots.  I did the shaving slow and just a little bit a time and tested every after shaving to make sure that the nut depth will not get lower than the 1st fret.  After several tries, I was able to achieve the nut height that I wanted.  After setting to the correct height, I used a wood glue to attach the nut to the guitar neck and let it settle for a while.

Johnson AXL6250 Acoustic Guitar Demo

Just my demo playing of the Johnson AXL 6250N acoustic guitar.

Please click the link to see the picture gallery of this guitar: Johnson AXL 6250 N.

How Did You Know by Chiqui Pineda - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover Tutorial

My fingerstyle arrangement of the song "How Did You Know" by Chiqui Pineda.  To make it simpler, in this guitar fingerstyle tutorial video, I used key of "A" instead of "Bb" which is the key on the actual recording by Chiqui Pineda.  I have written guitar tablature (TABs) for this song.  This can be downloaded here.

How to Arrange Your Own Fingerstyle (feat: Happy Birthday)

Here is my tutorial on how to arrange your own fingerstyle.  I used the song "Happy Birthday" for demo on this guitar tutorial.  I started from showing the chords, then the melody,  then melody with bass. And finally, complete fingerstyle arrangement.

Epiphone DR100 Acoustic Guitar Demo/Review

Here is my short video review and demo of an Epiphone DR100 acoustic guitar.

Specification of DR-100 guitar:

Body Shape:  Dreadnought
Top:  Select Spruce
Back: Mahogany
Sides: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood with Peraloid Dot Inlay
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuner: Closed Type Premium Tuner, Nickel
Scale Length: 2.5"
Nut width: 1.69"
Neck Profile: Slim Taper

Here are some pictures of my Epiphone DR-100:  Epiphone DR-100 Gallery