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On The Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osborne Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

As requested by some of my YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers, here is my fingerstyle guitar tutorial of the song "On The Wings of Love" by Jeffrey Osborne.  I have prepared guitar tablature for the song and if you wish to get a free copy of this guitar Tab, please click the button below.

Yamaha FG-251 Vintage Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

Yamaha FG-251 vintage acoustic guitar demo/review.  This guitar was made around 1970's by Nippon Gakki Co Ltd in Japan.  It is around 40 years old but still in good condition aside from couple of dings on top.  Neck is straight and just minor wear on the fret wires.  Check out my video to hear the sound of this vintage acoustic guitar.


Top:  Spruce
Back and Sides:  Rosewood
Neck:  Nato
Bridge: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Rosewood

My Yamaha FG-251 Acoustic Guitar Image Gallery.

Glider Capo Unboxing and Demo / Review

Here is my unboxing and the first time I used this Glider Capo.   The Glider Capo, also known as the rolling capo, is designed by Greg Bennett company.  It is very easy to use and can be moved along the fret board while playing the guitar.

Bone Nut and Saddle vs Synthetic Nut and Saddle Acoustic Guitar

My experiment on bone nut and saddle vs synthetic nut and saddle on an acoustic guitar.  In this video I used my S Yairi YE-40 acoustic guitar. I did not replace any strings on this test.  I replaced both saddle and nut at the same time.

Vintage Yamaha FG720 Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

My demo review of 1986 vintage acoustic guitar Yamaha FG-720.  I re-strung the guitar with Godin Phosphor Bronze A6 XLT strings (extra light). 


Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Toog
Neck: Nato
Fretboard:  Bubinga
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Scale: 636 mm
Nut Width: 44 mm

Yamaha FG-720 Image Gallery

Got To Believe in Magic by Juris / David Pomeranz - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

This is a fingerstyle guitar solo tutorial of the song "Got to Believe in Magic" by Juris which was originally sung by David Pomeranz in 1980's.  I used Eb key for this tutorial to match the key of original recording by Juris.  To make it simpler I played the song in Key of D with capo on the 1st fret.  Check out my video to watch the tutorial.

You may download guitar tab for easy learning this song.

Ashton D25 TSB Acoustic Guitar Demo / Review

My review/demo of Ashton D25 TSB acoustic guitar.  This guitar is designed in Australia and made in China.  Great entry level guitar and suits beginner and intermediate players. I have upgraded the saddle with bone saddle for better tone and sustain.

Ashton D25 TSB Image Gallery

Una't Huling Pagibig by Yeng Constantino - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial

OPM guitar fingerstyle of the song "Una't Huling Pag-ibig" by Yeng Constantino.  I used capo on the 2nd fret with "C' key to match the original recording that is in the key of "D". I have prepared guitar tab for this song so that it will easier to learn. Click download button to get a copy of the tab with chords and lyrics.

Karina W160E Acoustic Electric Guitar Demo / Review

A short demo of Karina acoustic guitar Model W-160E NL.  This guitar has built in passive under saddle pickup with volume and tone control.   I have upgraded this guitar with bone saddle for better tone and just re-strung with GHS Bright Bronze light gauge strings.

Here is the Karina W-160E Pictures.

Guitar Tutorial: "Pasko Na Sinta Ko" by Gary Valenciano Fingerstyle Cover

"Pasko na sinta ko..... Hanap-hanap kita....Bakit nagtatampo? ......  Nilisan ako....."

Perfect for coming Christmas Season, fingerstyle guitar tutorial of the song "Pasko Na Sinta Ko" by Gary Valenciano.  Guitar tab is available for download.