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We're All Alone by Boz Scaggs - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My fingerstyle arrangement of the song by Boz Scaggs entitled "We're All Alone".  In this video I used Fender Squier electric guitar.  This guitar was connected wirelessly using Xvive U2 into Thin Amp.

Xvive U2 Unboxing and Test Demo

In this video, I connect my guitar to the amp using the wireless system called Xvive U2.  It is easy to use and easy to setup the transmitter and receiver.  It looks cool too.  I tried on both electric guitar and acoustic electric guitar.

LAG Tramontane T80ACE Acoustic Electric Guitar Demo / Review

My demo review of LAG Tramontane T80ACE acoustic electric guitar.  It has solid Sitka Spruce Top, mahogany back and sides, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard.  The has preamp with built-in tuner.

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Ihip Ng Hangin by The Company - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover on Ashton OM35S

My fingerstyle guitar arrangement of the song by The Company entitled "Ihip ng Hangin".  I used Ashton OM35S acoustic guitar.  Check it out.

Donner DC-2 Capos and Edwin-E Guitar Picks Giveaway Raffle

Donner DC-2 Capo and Edwin-E guitar picks to be given away on my raffle.  Checkout my post in my Facebook page  Thanks.

"Don't Know What to Say" Cover on Guild D125 Acoustic Guitar with String Butler

My demo of Guild GAD G125 acoustic guitar.  All solid mahogany body.  I restrung the guitar with Elixir HD Light Phosphor Bronze strings.  I installed String Butler on this guitar for tuning stability by making the strings straigh from the nut.  I played "Don't Know What To Say" by Ric Segreto in this video.  Check it out!

I have written guitar tablature for this song.  Click the link below to see the tabs with chords and lyrics.  There is also available file free to download.

Don't Know What To Say - Tabs

Samick LW-015 Acoustic Guitar Demo feat Endless Love Fingerstyle Cover

Samick LW-015 acoustic guitar demo featuring "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.  The guitar was restrung with Martin M175 80/20 Bronze Custom Light gauge strings set.  The guitar was upgraded with Bone Saddle for better tone.  This is full size Dreadnought shape acoustic guitar.

Beauty and the Beast - Slow Demo Fingerstyle Cover

As requested, I now made a SLOW demo fingerstyle cover of the song "Beauty and the Beast".  The guitar I used in this demo was Guild D125 acoustic guitar, all solid Mahogany body.

Click the link below to see the guitar tabs:
Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Tabs

Some Say Love Cover on Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Guitar

My guitar cover of the song "Some Say Love" by LeeAnn Rimes, also known as "Rose" by Bette Midler.  This song was played using Epiphone PRO-1 WR acoustic guitar. And recorded using CAD U37 USB condenser microphone.