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Guitars Zone Website

Here is my new blog website Guitars Zone .  It will have more in depth story about my guitar experiences.  It includes my YouTube videos with articles related to that video post.  I just made this website a few days ago and I hope you follow this website as I make it bigger with more blog posts, videos, pictures and articles.

Bone vs Brass Bridge Pins Comparison on Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar

A lot of people are saying the brass pins are better than other materials.  In this video, I tested and compared bone and brass bridge pins on my Taylor 214ce.  I played before and after replacement without changing the strings.  Check out the video and be the judge.

Thalia Capo 200 Demo / Review on Acoustic Guitar

So excited to demo and review this Thalia Capo.  It is a great capo.  I showed in this video how to replace the fretpad on this capo.  Check it out.  I used my Taylor 110e acoustic guitar for this demo.

Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) Walden D351 Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Demo

This is my demo of Walden D351 acoustic guitar.  This has Sapele Mahogany top, back and sides.  I played Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight in this guitar demo.

Close To You (Carpenters) Fingerstyle Cover on Taylor 110e Acoustic Guitar

Playing with my Taylor 110e to the tune of Close To You by Carpenters.  I restrung the guitar with Elixir Polyweb 80/20 Bronze light gauge strings.  The microphone I used was Audio Technica AT2020 USB mic.  You can check the affiliate link in the video description for info of the gears I used in this video. Thanks.

Fender CP100 Guitar Demo (Martin M175 strings) You Are My Song Fingerstyle Cover

My demo video of Fender CP-100 parlor acoustic guitar.  This guitar was retrung with Martin M175 acoustic guitar strings 80/20 Bronze custom light gauge.  The song I played fingerstyle on this video was You Are My Song by Martin Nieverra/ Regine Velasquez.

Korg Magnetune Magnetic Guitar Tuner Unboxing and Demo Review

This is my new tuner, Korg Magnetune magnetic guitar tuner.  Unlike other tuners that uses clip to attach on headstock, this Korg Magnetune is using the magnet to attach the tuner on the machine head.  Checkout the video demo.  Thanks.