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Di Na Muli (Janine Teñoso) Acoustic Cover ft. Paula

Another collaboration video, Paula sings Di Na Mula by Itchyworms and currently sang by Janine Tenoso for Aya and Sid Movie OST.

Yamaha FG720S Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

My demo of another Yamaha acoustic guitar.  This is Yamaha FG720S.  It has Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard.  I restrung the guitar with Martin M175 80/20 Bronze custom light gauge strings set.

Taylor 214ce Guitar with Bone Saddle / Brass Bridge Pins

This is my new experiment.  I replaced the original Tusq saddle of my Taylor 214ce acoustic electric guitar with bone saddle.  In addition, the bridge pins was replaced previously with brass pins.  The strings I used here was Elixir Polyweb 80/20 Bronze light gauge set.  The song I played in this video was the end theme of Japanese animation Voltes V.  Check it out.

Guild D125 Acoustic Guitar w Martin M175 Strings Demo

A short demo of Guild D125 all solid Mahogany guitar strung with Martin M175 80/20 Bronze custom light gauge strings set.  I played fingerstyle guitar the song by James Taylor entitled You've Got A Friend.  Check it out.

(Sitti Navarro) Para Sa Akin Cover feat. Jenna Pascual of Born Diva

Here is my collaboration video with Jenna Pascual of Born Diva.  This is the song by Sitti Navarro entitled Para Sa Akin..  Check it out.

Para Sa Akin (Sitti Navarro) Fingestyle Guitar Cover

This time I made a fingerstyle guitar solo cover of the song by Sitti Navarro, "Para Sa Akin".  I used the vintage guitar Yamaha FG151B in this video with G7th Capo on the 3rd fret.  Check it out.

Ashton D25CEQ Acoustic Electric Guitar Demo Review

My short demo review of Ashton acoustic electric guitar model number D25CEQ NT.  D stands for Dreadnougt, 25 is model number, C is for cutaway, EQ is for built-in equalizer, and NT is for natural color. 

Yamaha FG151B Vintage Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

I got a chance to review another vintage Yamaha acoustic guitar. The model number of this one is FG151B.  This was made in Japan in late 70's.  The guitar is in good shape with good action.  I restrung the guitar with Martin M175 80/20 Bronze custom light gauge strings set.  I played the guitar with some finger picking as well as strumming.

If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

My simple fingerstyle guitar rendition of the famous song of Alicia Keys entitled "If I Ain't Got You".  In this cover I did not use guitar capo.  I used mostly open chords to make it simpler.

The guitar I used in this video was S Yairi YDT-18 acoustic guitar and recorded on Audio Technica AT2020 USB condenser microphone connected to my Samsung Smartphone.

iSolo Acoustic Guitar Pickup - If I Ain't Got You Fingerstyle Cover

After my unboxing video, here is the actual test and demo of iSolo acoustic guitar wireless microphone.  I attached the unit to the top of the guitar and placed the mic inside the sound hole.  There are many option of pickup placement depending of what tone that you wanten to achieve.  The good thing about this unit is that I can barely hear any room noise.  Next time I will try to record outdoor for noise test. Stay tuned.

iSolo Acoustic Guitar Pickup Unboxing and First Look

My unboxing video and first look of the iSOLO acoustic guitar wireless pickup.  I showed what were included inside the package.  I will demo and test the iSOLO mic on my next video. Stay tuned.