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Taylor 214ce vs Takamine EG260c Acoustic Guitars Comparison

Another guitar comparison video. This is comparison between Taylor 214ce and Takamine EG260C.  Both guitars have Spruce top. Takamine has Mahogany back and sides while Taylor has Rosewood back and sides.  Both are cutaway designs. I played both guitars in similar ways without any editing on the audio.

Takamine EG260C Acoustic Electric Guitar Review Demo

My demo of another guitar.  This one is Takamine EG260C acoustic electric guitar.  This video was recorded with Zoom Q8 video camera and the sound was recorded directly on camera microphone without sound editing and/or effects.  Check out my video. Thanks.

Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko - SLOW DEMO Fingerstyle Guitar Cover - Moira Dela Torre Version

Here is my slow demo fingerstyle rendition of the song Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko by Rey Valera (Moira dela Torre version for the Hows Of US OST).  The guitar I used in the video was Tanglewood Indiana Series TW-Seagull WH.  This video is made to help those beginners who also want to play this song.

Tanglewood TW-Seagull Review Demo | Ikaw Pa Rin (Ted Ito) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

This is my guitar review of Tanglewood Indiana Series TW-Seagull acoustic guitar.  This guitar has dreadnought shape and glossy piano finish.  The guitar is heavy compared to other similar sized guitars which means that it has thicker or heavier wood.  Other thing unique on this guitar is that the fingerboard is glossy finished, unlike most guitars with bare wood fingerboard.  I played the song "Ikaw Pa Rin" by Ted Ito.  This song has  Japanese version entitled Saigono Iiwake. Check it out.

Here are some photos of this Tanglewood Indiana Series TW-Seagull acoustic guitar:

Guild D4 Demo Review - Friend of Mine (Odette Quesada) - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

This is a demo review of Guild D4 Westerley acoustic guitar.  This guitar has solid Spruce top, solid Mahogany sides, and laminated arch Mahogany back.  I restrung the guitar with Cleartone treated strings Phosphor Bronze custom light gauge.  The song I played in this video was "Friend of Mine", an OPM song by Odette Quesada.

Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko (Moira dela Torre) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

This is my 3rd arrangment of the song Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko by Rey Valera.  This time I played with capo on the 5th Fret with G-key.  This arrangement was inspired by acoustic version of Moira dela Torre cover.  The guitar I used in this video was Lag T200JCE Jumbo Tramontane acoustic electric guitar.  I recorded acoustic only without plug-in electronics.  The camera I used was Zoom Q8 using its microphone for guitar recording.

Aria AD -18 BK Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

Another guitar demo review.  This is demo of Aria AD-18 BK acoustic guitar.  This guitar has dreadonoug shape, glossy finish, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, diecast tuner.  I played some fingerstyle as well as some strumming.   Below are the pictures of the actual guitar in my video.

LAG T200JCE Acoustic Electric Guitar Review Demo part 2/2

Part 2 of my LAG Tramontane T200JCE Review.  This video was focused on Studio Lag Plus preamp.  I played the guitar with various preamp presets to show the difference in the tone for each setting.  I also showed how to replace the battery on this Studio Lag Plus preamp.

LAG T200JCE Acoustic Electric Guitar Review Demo part 1/2

Part 1 of 2 of my demo review of LAG acoustic electric guitar.  The model is T200JCE where J stands for Jumbo body, C for cutaway and E for electric/electronics.  This guitar comes with stock string D'Addario EXP strings.  This parts 1 showed only the acoustic side of the guitar, while part 2 is for electronics demo.  The guitar has solid Red Cedar top and khaya back and sides.

Here are some photos of this LAG T200JCE Jumbo acoustic guitar:

Taylor vs Guild vs S Yairi Acoustic Guitars Comparison

Here is my 3 acoustic guitars comparison video. This comparison features Taylor 110e, Guild D4, and S Yairi YDT-18 acoustic guitars. All guitars have Dreadnought shape, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides. I restrung all with fresh Cleartone Phosphor Bronze gauge 11 strings. 3 sets of strings were supplied by Cleartone Strings. Thanks.
The audio was recorded using Zoom Q8 video camera. No sound editing was made. Just direct from Q8 mic.

LAG T200JCE Acoustic Electric Guitar Unboxing and First Look

I finally received my order from France.  This was LAG Tramontane T200JCE acoustic guitar.  I showed in the video when I unboxed the guitar.  It arrived with a very large box.  Upon opening, the guitar was placed in another guitar box triangular in shape.  The guitar was well packed with lots of protection inside.  I was amazed by the looks of this guitar.  It has a jumbo body with cutaway.  The guitar was out of tune when I opened the box.  The shippers normally make the tension of strings loose during transport to avoid damage to the guitar neck in case of impact.  I checked the action and it was perfect.  I will make a LAG T200JCE review and demo on my next video.