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Walden CD640HS Acoustic Guitar Review Demo Strung with Elixir Polyweb Strings

Another Walden Concorda CD640HS acoustic guitar demo.  I have done a demo of the same model a few months ago but it was restrung with Martin strings.  This time, I restrung this guitar with Elixir Polyweb strings.

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Strung With Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings

I restrung my Taylor 214ce with a new set of strings.  The strings I used was Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings (Low Tension).  I played the guitar by fingerestyle as well as strumming.  Check the tone of this guitar using this new set.  Find out more about this Santa Cruz Guitar strings by following this link:

We Could Be In Love (Lea Salonga Brad Kane) Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

A fingerstyle guitar cover of the song by Lea Salong duet with Brad Kane entitled "We Could Be In Love.  The guitar I used in this video was Taylor GS Mini.  The video was recorded using Zoom Q8 video camera.  The audio was recorded using the Zoom XY microphone attached to the video camera.

S Yairi YF28 Acoustic Guitar Demo Review

This is a short demo guitar playing of S Yairi YF-28 BLS acoustic guitar.  I played the guitar by fingerstyle as well as strumming.  The guitar was restrung with D'Addario EJ26 Phosphor Bronze custom light gauge string set.  Check out the video.

Here are some photos of the actual guitar in the video: